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Closed Doors

I talked the other day about the rear view mirror.  Let’s talk today about closed doors.

I read something the other day that said once a door closes we cannot reenter it.  It made me think of a story someone told me the other day.  He had forgotten his jacket inside an event venue and didn’t realize it until after he’d gotten to the parking lot.  The doors he exited through were “exit only” doors and so he had to walk all the way around the arena to get back inside to get his jacket.  What a pain right?

But think about a “door” that has “closed” in your life.  Maybe not being able to get back into that “exit only” door is for your own good.  Maybe that door was closed for you because you didn’t have the courage to close it yourself.  What do I mean?

A friend of mine was struggling with a part-time job she hated for a long time.  She was worried she’d loose that job and not be able to afford to live but wanted to work her own business full time.  When she was recently fired it seemed devastating.  But what happened?  Within two weeks she had 11 new clients.  Yup – enough new clients to make up for the income lost from the part-time job.

Sometimes when we don’t have the courage to make a decision for ourselves, the universe makes it for us.  Have you been feeling like you were kicked out that “exit door” lately?  Not sure why or where to go next?  Stop worrying about why and start wonder what!

What’s next?  What can I do with my life that I’ve always wanted to?  What would my dream be to do and how can I make it happen?  Then just sit still and listen.  The answers will come if you let them.

So here’s to closed doors and new beginnings!  What new adventure have you recently embarked upon?  Share with us so others can see that a closed door can really be a blessing in disguise!

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